Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a plant native to northern Brazil and other Amazonian regions. Among its properties are fighting fatigue, increasing mental alertness and stimulating weight loss. Guarana seeds are used to make a paste, syrup, or seed extract then added to beverages or supplements. In Brazil, guarana drinks are considered “health tonics” and are almost as popular as traditional cola-based sodas.

Does ingesting guarana lead to weight loss?

Guarana is classified as a stimulant, which means it can help you burn more calories throughout the day. It can also increase fat metabolism, accelerate weight loss and increase the amount of energy used for basic metabolic functions such as breathing and digestion.

In an 8-week clinical trial on 67 people, an herbal supplement containing guarana resulted in significant reductions in body weight and hip circumference. In two clinical trials involving more than 100 normal or slightly overweight people, the herbal extract with guarana and green tea delayed gastric emptying, which reduced hunger and overall calorie intake.

In addition to burning calories, guarana can prevent fat formation altogether by reducing the production of proteins that contribute to fat formation and increasing the production of those that prevent it.


The stimulating and health-promoting properties of guarana

Guarana has been used for centuries as a stimulant by the indigenous people of the Amazon.

There are many clinical studies on the effects of guarana on stimulation. Oral rinses containing guarana, caffeine, and carbohydrates reduced feelings of fatigue and improved physical performance in a clinical study on 24 subjects. Mice that consumed 0.3 mg/L of guarana had increased physical performance when forced to swim. Caffeine alone (0.1 mg /ml) was ineffective, suggesting that the benefits of guarana are not due to caffeine alone. In 2 clinical trials involving 83 people with various types of cancer receiving chemotherapy, guarana extract improved daytime arousal while maintaining sleep quality and mood.

In an observational study involving more than 600 elderly people, regular consumption of guarana was associated with a reduced incidence of high blood pressure, obesity and metabolic syndrome. In women, it was also associated with lower cholesterol levels (total and LDL cholesterol).

In another study involving 42 healthy older patients, regular guarana intake was associated with reduced LDL oxidation, suggesting that it may help prevent artery clogging (atherosclerosis).


Properties of guarana combined with caffeine – enhancing focus

One study assessed cognitive performance using a logic puzzle in 56 participants after consuming a multivitamin/mineral supplement with 300 mg of guarana, a caffeine supplement, or a placebo supplement. They found that participants’ responses were faster, with no change in accuracy, between 30 and 90 minutes after guarana ingestion.

A significant decrease in heart rate variability was observed within the first hour after taking caffeine alone, but remained stable after taking guarana, suggesting that guarana may be able to improve decision-making performance without destabilizing autonomic nervous system regulation.

Another study of guarana use during the day found that guarana improved secondary memory performance, mood, and alertness at low (37.5 mg, 75 mg) and higher (150 mg, 300 mg) doses.


Where to get supplements with guarana?

Popular energy drinks contain guarana, but these are not sold as dietary supplements and are not the healthiest or most sustainable ways to get the benefits.

The highest level of quality control for guarana supplements can be found in those made by the people of Sateré-Mawé, who still harvest the plant using traditional methods. The Sateré-Mawé formula is called varan and can be recognized by the package label indicating certification by the International Analog Forestry Network. Keep in mind, however, that less than two tons of varanus are put up for sale each year, and Sateré-Mawé is not the source of most guarana supplements on the market.

Recently, it has been shown that ingestion of a multicomponent product (containing guarana in addition to many other compounds) in healthy individuals leads to increased fatty acid oxidation, decreased rate of perceived exertion during exercise, and improved satiety. Thus, the best solution may be the use of a properly balanced dietary supplement.


Perfect Choice – dietary supplement with guarana

Perfect Choice with green tea, natural guarana (Paullinia cupana) and caffeine is a revolutionary dietary supplement that provides a fast start at any time of the day and helps you lose weight. After applying the patch, you can achieve consistent and stable energy levels throughout the day, prolonged satiety after meals and a better overall mood. The Perfect Choice patch is made with the help of an advanced formula containing the perfect combination of caffeine, guarana and green tea to provide extra energy. This dietary supplement is designed to provide long-lasting energy support throughout the day without the rundown effect that usually occurs with other products.

When supplementing with Perfect Choice, one can expect fat reduction because an important interaction called ACC activation takes place in the body, which is mediated by guarana. In other words, if one is looking to shed a few kilos, Perfect Choice will interact with the metabolism inside the body to nourish the cells with abundant nutrients, promote a healthy metabolic environment and ultimately get rid of unwanted fat.

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